Cherry (Prunus avium), Rosaceae (Rosaceae) family naturally found in Giresun, South Caucasus, Caspian Sea and Northeast Anatolia. Due to Turkey's very different physical conditions between regions in terms of ripening cherries may be differences of up to 1.5 months. With the introduction of modern farming methods, yield and quality in cherries are also increasing. best quality cherries in Turkey of the northern slopes of the Taurus, the Goksu River, the source is located in Korualan town, Mernek I Ibar in the foothills of the connected Hank mountain village Sarıoluk Mernek Plateau and opium is grown in the tea districts Eber town in the district. Afyonkarahisar iliye Sultandağı and Çay districts of Konya Ereğli are very famous in the region as cherry farming and production. The reason for the growth of this quality cherry is the formation of special climatic conditions of the Sultandağ and Aksehir and Eber lakes. A proprietary and brand-worthy production structure is established and exports, which is an important share in foreign trade, are being produced.